465 Rollins Industrial Ct
Ringgold, GA. 30736
phone: (706) 937-5145
fax: (706)937-2754


Our two Mitsubishi 40CFX Watt Lasers are powerful resonators with standout X-flow technology and are equipped with fully automated loading and unloading. Their optimal beam quality and beam stability allows for maximum cutting power. The advanced beam delivery allows for superior edge quality and processing consistency. With 4,000 watts, they can cut up to ¾” mild steel, ¼” aluminum and ½” stainless steel.

Our Flow Waterjet is capable of cutting most materials, including metals, plastics, stone (manufactured and natural), glass, foam, and ceramics. Because there is no heat and no work induced stress incurred in the cutting process, almost any material is suitable for cutting leaving a clean edge.
A precision cut doesn't happen by chance. Our Betenbender hydraulic shear delivers precision shears to a wide range of material up to 120" wide and 1/4" thick.
The HYD-MECH S-20A is a fully automatic bandsaw with a 13”x18” rectangular capacity and a 13” diameter round capacity. It is equipped with a bundle vise/index clamping to cut multiple quantities at the same time. Automatic indexing can control cutting length accuracy to +/- .005”. The head can swing from 90-40 degrees. The variable speed blade drive cuts between 75 and 400 surface feet per minute.
For many years, oxy-acetylene cutting was often the process of choice for quickly cutting through steel plate. Over the past few years plasma cutting has pretty much taken over, for some very good reasons – perhaps most importantly - a plasma cutter will cut through ANY metal that is electrically conductive.


The shop is equipped with 3 CNC Pressbrakes – 250 ton, 85 ton, and a 60 ton and can handle maximum lengths up to 10’ @ 1 ½’ thickness or greater thickness possible at smaller lengths.
The Wysong Roll can accommodate light gauge materials up to 3/16” thick and up to 8’ wide.
Wet Sander
Our Cemco 2000 is a 36” wide wet belt sander that produces a brush finish for aluminum and stainless steel products.


For your production lathe needs with live tooling capabilities.
For your large piece precision milling needs our HAAS TM2 operates with G & M Code programming formats.
This is a full CNC lathe with manual lathing capabilities to meet customer demands.
The Haas VF-3 is a rugged, medium-sized VMC that yields full reliability and accuracy. The VF-3 has a 40-taper cartridge spindle driven by a 20 hp vector Dual-Drive (Y-Delta) motor. The VF-3 produces either 75 ft-lb of torque at a low 1400 rpm, or 250 ft-lb at 450 rpm with the optional 2-speed gearbox -- and will also run up to 7500 rpm in 1.2 seconds for finishing aluminum.
Manual Lathe
For one of a kind piece; our machinist can produce a precision finished product per your design drawing requirements.

Manual Mill
For our customers who only need one part milled, our machinist can assure precision work with fast turn around.


The weld shop is equipped with a robotic welder with aut rotation of fixtures, MIG, and TIG welding equipment. Our welders work with Carbon, Stainless, Aluminum, and Galvanized steel materials of light gauge to heavy plate.
Stock materials are on-site to assist with a customer's quick turn around requirement. These materials can be heat treated, anodized, or powder coated. Standard stock materials kept on site are a multiple thicknesses of: Carbon - 50K and 100K yield strengths, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized from 24 gauge to 1 1/2 " plate.
Spray Paint Booth
Should your needs require painting of parts, our 20' x 12' enclosed, filtered, and fire supression equipped spray paint booth ensures quality final results.